As it is well known, the Ararat Mountain which had been a favorite for climbers until 1980 was closed to the public during the Kurdish insurgence. It was reopened to visitors in 2001 when security in the area was reestablished.  Nevertheless, to ensure continuance of security, visits to Mount Ararat are now under strict government control.


Individual climbers are subject to security investigation and only those who are approved are allowed to visit.


Foreigners traveling alone who wish to climb Mt. Ararat should apply to the Turkish consulate in their country and apply for a “sport” visa. Even individuals from those countries that do not require an entry visa to Turkey , should have their passports stamped with a special sport visa by the Turkish consulate in their own countries.  Applications made through the consulate are then sent to the office of the General Staff of Turkey, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and the Ministry of Tourism.  Those applications that are approved are then forwarded to the office of the governor of Agri and the local military police. The same documents are sent to the Turkish consulate of the originating country. Upon entry to Turkey these “sport” visas are shown to the appropriate offices. 


These procedures take up to two months, but we recommend that you apply three months ahead of your projected climb.


After you leave Dogubayazit, you have to show your documents to the border police; without their permission you cannot start your climb. Permission is necessary to keep the number of climbers at a certain level and is given at first come first served basis.  In other words, even if you have all your documents in order, you may not get to climb because of the number of people on the mountain. 


If you prefer to join an expedition arranged by a touring company it is enough to give the company the information on your passport. The company will carry out the proper procedures in you name.  This is the easiest way to obtain the necessary visas and permissions.  You would have to start this procedure at least two months ahead of time..  Buklamania is one of the touring companies;  there is 50 Euro compulsory payment to government.


It is our strong recommendation that you join a group arranged by a touring company. Not only do the government officials look kindly on individuals applying through an approved travel agency, but it is the safest way to climb the mountain.    


Also even if you have a mountain guide, additionally you have to take a special guide who is licanced by Mountain Federation of Turkey. Called 'Mihmandar'. For 1-15 pax you need 1 mihmandar. if you are 16pax you need 2 mihmandar. Their fee is about 500 Euro for all climb.



Mount Ararat are now under strict government control,
Individual climbers are subject to security investigation,

These procedures take up to three month,
Travel Agents will carry out the proper procedures in you name.
Recommended: arange your trip by a travel agent.